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About Our School

Intermediate/Middle School Model


KAIS is specially designed to meet the unique and changing needs of the young adolescents that we serve.  In our school, the child comes first. Our programs strive to develop the total child with a strong emphasis placed on physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth.  At this level, we begin to reduce the levels of tracking and encourage the use of varied instructional strategies.  KAIS strives to promote success for all students and create a sense of belonging and caring while still encouraging independence.


Academic Excellence Recognition

At the end of each school year, students are rewarded for academic excellence.  In seventh and eighth grade, students with the highest grades in all subjects receive an award.  Grades are cumulative for seventh and eighth grade.  Calculation of grade percentages is done after the third nine weeks grading period and does not include grades earned during the fourth nine weeks grading period.


Requirements to Enter 9th Grade


Students who successfully complete a minimum of ten credit units at KAIS are eligible for entering ninth grade.  These course units consist of two each in  ELA, math, social studies, science , and one in the seventh grade rotation, physical education and health.   Students not meeting the minimum named criteria are subject to retention.



Skyward allows students and their parents to check grades and homework assignments daily.  This is the main source of your child’s academic information.



Edlio – Our new website can be accessed using the following web address:   



Skylert is a rapid communication phone service that provides administrators the ability to communicate important information to parents and students.  The system is used to quickly broadcast school delays and closings as well as notifications of important changes and reminders. 


Helpful Hints for Entering Middle School

*   Give your child more responsibilities for decision-making tasks at home to prepare for increased deadlines in middle school.

*   Help your child understand that students have to adapt to different teachers.

*   Supplement school work with additional reading and writing projects at home in readiness for lengthier school assignments.

*   Talk about the fun of changing rooms and teachers several times a day.  Explain that each class is a separate subject.



English Department

All seventh and eighth grade students are enrolled in English 7 or English 8 as heterogeneous groups.


Foreign Language Department

Spanish I and Exploratory Foreign Language (Chinese and Spanish) will be offered as an elective to eighth grade students; however, due to section and class size limitations, academic achievement will be considered when scheduling students for these courses.


Math Department

All seventh and eighth grade students are enrolled in Math 7 or Math 8 as heterogeneous groups.


Music Department

Seventh and eighth grade choirs and bands will meet regularly as a scheduled class.  Various ensembles are offered during our extension and intervention periods (and after school).  Music Appreciation class is required for all seventh grade students not enrolled in Chorus or Band.  Classes meet daily for one semester.  Guitar, world percussion, listening and music history are highlighted. 


Physical Education/Health Department

All seventh and eighth grade students will receive physical education and health credit as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


Rotation Classes

Seventh grade students are enrolled in a four class rotation; each class meets for one nine-week grading period.  These hands-on classes include Art, Technology Education, Family and Consumer Science (FACS) and Keyboarding.  Based on availability in their schedule, eighth grade students are also enrolled in semester rotation classes. 

STEM Concepts class will be offered as an elective to 7th grade non-band/chorus students and 8th grade non-band/chorus students who are not taking a foreign language. 


Science Department

All seventh grade students are enrolled in Life Science.  All eighth grade students are enrolled in Physical Science.   


Social Studies Department

Seventh grade students are enrolled in World Geography; eighth grade students will study United States History.  


Extension/Intervention Period

Students will be provided two blocks within their schedule for extension and intervention.  This time will be used to ensure all students are learning at their highest levels.  Students will be assigned specific locations/assignments based on classroom assessment data.  This time will be used for re-teaching concepts, one-on-one assistance, and extension opportunities across the curriculum as well as in the fine arts.


Grading Policy

Kiski Area students’ grades are evaluated and recorded as percentages.  These percentages and grade equivalents are as follows:

                  90 - 100                 A

                  80 - 89                   B

                  70 - 79                   C

                  60 - 69                   D

                  50 - 59                   E


Student Testing 

Standardized testing measures a student’s abilities and progress and helps the district staff examine the overall effectiveness of curriculum and instruction. 

All students are administered benchmark tests throughout the year to identify areas of strengths in curriculum and improve student achievement.

Kiski Area Intermediate students participate in the following tests:


Seventh Grade 

PA System of School Assessment (PSSA) –

English Language Arts and Math


Eighth Grade

PA System of School Assessment (PSSA) –

English Language Arts, Math and Science

Algebra I Keystone Exam


Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Team is comprised of trained, professional staff members who identify high-risk students experiencing difficulty due to problems such as academic concerns, alcohol or drug use, depression, eating/sleeping disorders and/or other mental health issues.  Students are referred to the team by parents/guardians, teachers, students and staff.  The SAP Team gathers information to assess the nature and extent of the concern and develops a positive plan of intervention, action and support which may include:  meeting with parents/guardians and/or the student, making referrals to existing school programs or community resources such as social services agencies, treatment settings or educational support groups and/or monitoring the student’s progress to assess the need for ongoing or additional action.

Student Athletics

Girls Softball
Cross Country
Girls Volleyball


Student Activities

Art Club
Band/Choir Ensembles
Cavalier Leadership Council
Chess Club
Giving Club
FACS/Sewing Club
Fuel Up to Play 60 Team
Jazz Band
Recycling Club
Graphics Design Club
Strategy & Puzzle Club
Student Council
Weight Lifting Club
Yearbook Staff