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SAP Overview

 The Student Assistance Program (SAP) Core Team is a group of dedicated staff members who give their time to assist students in need.  The group consists of teachers, counselors, the school nurse, administrators, and a SAP Liaison from Westmoreland Case Management and Supports.  The purpose of the team is to help identify, assess, refer, and support students who are experiencing a variety of academic, behavioral, social, and/or personal difficulties which may interfere with their daily functioning.
SAP works to prevent student problems through promoting personal wellness in all students.  There are many programs coordinated through our SAP such as Red Ribbon Week and a variety of guest speakers.  A few groups who regularly come to our school and present in our boys and girls health classes are Allegheny Genera, the Tri-City Life Center, and the Blackburn Center.  Allegheny General presents the "Think First" program regarding safety and good decision making.  Tri-City Life presents an abstinence-based program which includes drug, alcohol, tobacco, and sexual abstinence.  The Blackburn Center presents information regarding sexual harassment, dating relationships, and abuse.  Additionally, presenters form St. Vincent College Prevention Projects visit our students for a program called Project Alert.  Project Alert addresses tobacco, alcohol, and drug awareness in our classes.  Our SAP team also coordinates activities with our school's "We Believe" anti-bullying program.
SAP is also pleased to coordinate services with St. Vincent Prevention Projects.  A representative from St. Vincent facilitates groups and has individual services for many of our students who have either been identified by our core team or who have expressed an interest in taking part ina  group pertaining to various topics such as stress, anger management, peer relations, and drug and alcohol awareness.  Group and individual participation requires written parent permission.
Core members of our team also partake in a mentoring program for seventh and eighth grade students who have exhibited low motivation and/or a history of academic difficulties.  Students who have been identified by elementary ESAP teams may be candidates.  Students who have been retained at a grade level are also included.  These students are mentored/monitored by a core team member via teachers to check for completion of school work and academic progress.